Fabolous Eyeing September 13 Release For “Loso’s Way 2: The Rise To Power”

Fabolous has revealed that his upcoming album Loso’s Way 2: The Rise to Power will be released on September 13. Chosen in honor of his debut’s release on September 11, 2001, the date is contingent on Fab wanting to create a 10th anniversary feel.

“That’s coming in September, man. We lookin’ to do that around September 13, actually, because September 11 is when my first album dropped 10 years ago,” he told Hot 106’s Rise & Grind Morning Show. “That was also the tragic day of 9/11, so my album dropped that same day and we kind of want to do a 10-year anniversary kind of feel.”

Although he didn’t spoke on the guest stars but hinted he wanted to work with a few characters. “I’m working with a lot of guys right now. It’s still in the baby stages, so I don’t want to give too much of the info right now, but it’s soon to come. Everything will be out there,” he said, running down his wish list. “Nas, Eminem, Fergie – I think Fergie’s voice is really dope. A lot of people, man. Jadakiss, Rick Ross. We got a lot of people to look out for on this album coming, man.”

Click Here to watch the interview.

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