Jon Connor – Season 2 [Mixtape]

Jon Connor put outs his new mixtape, Season 2. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download.


01. Someone Like Me
02.  No Thrillz
03.  Inside of You
04. The Boom Bap Symphony
05. Place on Earth
06.  A Night in The City Co-Starring Caas Swi…
07. Love Me Now
08. Smokers Break Starring Caas Swift & …
09. Champion of Life
10. Ones (Strip Club Crush)
11.  Fli City’s Finest Co-Starring Blue City …
12.  Everything Co-Starring Josh Holleman &am…
13. Gonna Make it Co-Starring Freeway
14. Church on The Move Co-Starring Glc, Caas…
15. Just Paper
16.  Goody Girls Co-Starring Lia Mack, Brando…
17. Saginaw Street Chronicles
18.  In a Lifetime
19. True Colors
20. Go Back
21.  No Apologies
22.  BONUS – The Peoples Rapper Demo

Download Here

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